Easier, safer night driving with night mode

    By removing all unnecessary backlights from the dashboard with a click of a button, Volvo Trucks’ night mode is designed to improve comfort and visibility when driving at night.

    According to Volvo Trucks’ Accident Research Team, up to 90 per cent of all truck accidents involve human factors, such as fatigue, drowsiness or inattention. When driving at night, the reflection and glare from dashboard lights can be an unwanted distraction. For long-haul drivers, it can contribute to fatigue and can draw attention when the driver should be fully focused on the road ahead.

    “The human eye is very sensitive to light, and even when the driver is fully focused on the road, the dashboard lights can be a distraction since it can be seen in the periphery of driver’s field of vision,” explains Jonas Nordquist, Product Features Manager, Volvo Trucks.

    With the push of a button, drivers can activate night mode, which is a standard feature in all Volvo FHs, Volvo FMs and Volvo FMXs globally.

    Night mode immediately switches off all unnecessary dashboard lights except for the speedometer and rev counter. Lighting on all other switches and controls is also turned down to its lowest setting, however all safety systems and driver alerts continue to function.

    The result is less glare emitted from the dashboard, and fewer reflections in the windscreen, so that drivers can be more focused on the road. It is best suited to long-haul drivers when driving at night, and when reversing and manoeuvring in tough weather conditions or complex environments, such as when connecting or disconnecting trailers, since reflections will not show in the side- and rear-view mirrors.

    “With night mode, we want to make it easier for the driver to stay sharp and focused,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Safety Director, Volvo Trucks. “It is a very quick, easy way of removing distractions and improving visibility.”

    Night mode is just one of many safety features developed by Volvo Trucks in its continuous efforts to improve traffic safety and the working conditions for drivers.

    “There is no single solution that will enable us to fulfil our vision of zero accidents, which is why we are working with traffic safety on multiple fronts,” says Carl Johan Almqvist. “We are continuously looking into different technologies and solutions, and work hand-in-hand with transport authorities, city planners, governments, research institutes and universities. Night mode may only make a small contribution to improving traffic safety, but all our efforts combined can make a huge difference.”  

    Text: Nic Townsend

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