“I help to improve driver performance within our company”

    Louise Marriott is out on the road between Christchurch and the top of the south island in New Zealand. Transporting general freight, she drives five hours before loading her trailer onto a ferry and then drives five hours back to her hometown.



    Name: Louise Marriott.

    Lives in: Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand.

    Company: JPM holdings.

    Background: Has driven trucks for 12 years.  Been with JPM for four years.



    Model: FH 540.

    Engine: 13 litre 540.

    Gearbox: 12 speed I-Shift.

    Cab: FH sleeper.

    Cargo: General freight.

    Louise won Volvo Trucks Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge in 2015, becoming the first female and the first New Zealander to win the prize.  She was proud to be recognised for driving so fuel-efficiently. “We receive a printout of the performance of our trucks each month. This encouraged me and appealed to my competitive nature to try to be the best. I also clock up many kilometres in my horse truck, driving around shows. Horses need to be given a smooth ride, so I guess that helps too,” says Louise, smiling.

    Having driven trucks for four years, she is currently behind the wheel of her Volvo FH 540. “I’m very happy with my truck. I spend a lot of time in it, so that’s really important.”

    While winning the Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge was an exciting experience for Louise, she never stops challenging herself. “After having participated in the Driver’s Fuel Challenge finals, I am now involved in helping achieve better driver performance within our company, which is very rewarding and enjoyable”.

    Text Alastair MacDuff Photo Danielle Colvin

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