“I want to convey the message of traffic safety to people my age”

    The Volvo Group’s recently launched ‘See and be seen’ campaign focuses on traffic safety involving teenagers, particularly cyclists. Lukas Strohmeier from Austria features in one of the campaign’s promotional films.


    Company name: Strohmeier Transporte.

    Formed: 1954.

    Business: Silotransport of wooden pellets, compound feed and crops.

    Number of trucks in fleet: 12.

    Vehicle Lukas drives: Previously drove an old Volvo FH12 with almost 1.1 million km on the clock. Is now the proud owner of an FH4 540 with VDS and I-Shift Dual Clutch.

    How did you get involved in the ‘See and be seen’ campaign?

    “Our company was involved in a safety campaign with a driving school and Volvo Austria. I did an interview for the driving school magazine, and subsequently got a call from the head of marketing for Volvo Europe, who asked me if I would like to be in the film that was being made for the campaign. I was invited to do a casting in Gothenburg, and ended up in a five-day stay in and around Valencia, Spain, where the film shooting took place.”

    Tell us about your family business?

    “My grandfather started the company in 1954, and my father took it over from him 26 years ago. I am next in line, obviously. Our business is transporting compound feed to various farms, and also wooden pellets for heating. We have built up a fleet of trucks over the years and are well established in our region. As my father has driven trucks for more than 20 years, he knows all about the business and the work a truck driver is doing. He makes sure that all our trucks are state-of-the-art as regards full performance and the safety features that Volvo offers. Because of the nature of the roads we are driving on, my father has always been keen to promote the importance of traffic safety locally.” 

    How can your own work benefit from the kind of awareness promoted in the campaign?

    “Normally I transport feed to the farms in outlying areas of the countryside. This often involves driving on narrow roads in mountainous landscapes, so I am well aware of the need to be careful, particularly in winter. My daily routine also involves driving in heavy traffic when loading up in Graz. In rush hour it is very tricky to get to the loading station with all the commuting cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians around. I have to be particularly careful around schools and other places where young people gather. Working with the campaign has reinforced the importance of looking out for dangers when I’m driving. Obviously the main focus is on getting the message across successfully to teenagers.”

    How does it feel to be one of the faces of the ‘See and be seen’ campaign?

    “Driving trucks for me isn’t only a job - it’s a lifestyle. Therefore I am very proud to represent my profession and this safety campaign. Moreover I clearly see the importance of conveying the message of safety to people my age and teenagers. Traffic safety is something that I feel is close to my heart and that I am interested in. And yes, I was very happy that Volvo chose me to be one of the faces of this campaign.”

    Text Alastair MacDuff  Photo Johannes Plattner

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