Volvo FH16 brings business benefits to AsiaGroup

    Asiagroup Leasing PTE LTD

    Asiagroup is a diversified equipment and project services company that specialises in heavy lifting and haulage solutions. Founded and based in Singapore, the company has since expanded and now operates in Malaysia and Myanmar. 


    Asiagroup’s fleet includes over 270 cranes, including mobile cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes and telescopic crawler cranes. The company also has a range of additional transportation and haulage equipment in all regions including prime movers, low-beds, multi-axle modular trailers and tow trucks, as well as a workforce of over 400 employees.

    Asiagroup is one of largest crane rental companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. What are the key factors behind your success?

     “We focus on value-added services to our clients so that we are more than just a crane service provider. We are able to connect with our clients more closely and understand their needs, before providing a solution for their projects. We are also a company that has always been open to change. We are not afraid to try new things and are constantly upgrading our skill sets and equipment to adapt to the current market.”

    What are your needs and expectations when it comes to trucks, and why did you choose the Volvo FH16?

    “With the current shortage of expertise in the industry, the ease of servicing and maintenance play a large role in selecting trucks. We believe in reducing lead times in maintenance and repair rather than buying a cheaper truck that requires more maintenance, to maximise the potential return of investment. The superior performance specifications of the FH16 caught our attention, and the technical specifications are on-par or better than any other vehicles currently on the market.” 

    Not many businesses in Singapore have the need for a vehicle like the Volvo FH16. What do you use it for?

    “The Volvo FH16 comes in handy for heavy haulage applications, like towing of multi axle modular trailers. The roads in Singapore are particularly small and narrow for transporting oversized and over weight cargo. The trailers sometimes need to navigate sharp bends while going uphill, so we require a good experienced driver and a powerful prime mover – just like the Volvo FH16. This gives us an advantage, since we are able to provide a wider range of lift and shift one-stop solutions to our clients.”

    Are you satisfied with its performance?

    “It has not failed us on any assignment, and our drivers have also commented on its ease of driving and manoeuvrability on the road. We have even tested towing 100 tonne loads without any counterbalancing ballast on the prime mover and it works!”

    Has Volvo Trucks been able to assist your business in any other way?

    “Volvo Trucks definitely provides top notch aftermarket services. Even when small issues arise, they will react promptly to resolve the problem. Volvo Trucks is also constantly in touch and listening to our feedback.”

    After your experiences with the Volvo FH16, would you consider purchasing one again?

    “Definitely! In fact, we are looking at purchasing a second Volvo FH16 in our next fleet expansion plan. We are very proud and privileged to be the first owner in Singapore, and we hope to own the second FH16 as well.” 

    Text Nic Townsend  Photo Danny Santos

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