The TransForm program helps to reduce number of accidents in Brazil.

    Since 2009, 120 professional drivers from the Brazilian company Silvestrin Frutas’ logistics and transport division have participated in Volvo Group’s TransForm program. Rafael Somacal, the logistics manager, has noticed a major change in attitude and an impressive reduction in the number of accidents.


    Company name: Silvestrin Frutas Ltda.

    Country: Brazil.

    Headquarters: Farroupilha, State of Rio Grande do Sul.

    Number of trucks: 58 Volvo FH; 4 Volvo VM.

    Number of employees: 364.

    Transported freight: Fruit, fish, meat, juice, furniture and flour.

    Geographic area of operations: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay.

    How would you describe your operation?

    “Our company started by transporting fruit from Argentina and Chile to supermarkets in Brazil. But, driven by our customers’ demand, it didn’t take long to identify interesting and lucrative business opportunities in the logistics and transport areas. Today we have the most modern fleet in the market. This allows us to offer guaranteed quality and safety in delivering products to their final destinations, both within the national borders and internationally.”

    What distinguishes you from your competitors?

    “Human capital. We consider that even having the best equipment and operational excellence, our main competitive advantage is in the way our drivers handle their trucks defensively, safely and keep focused on the final results.”

    Which stages did you implement to promote safety above all else?

    “Since 2009, the company has invested in training two groups of drivers per year. By the end of 2016, we will have trained 100 per cent of our staff in the subjects of safety, defensive driving and fuel savings.”

    Why did you choose Volvo Group’s TransForm program?

    “We believe that development is dependent upon partnerships and that program is a partnership between Silvestrin, our drivers and Volvo. Since the course started, 120 of Silvestrin’s professional drivers have undergone training.”

    How did the drivers respond to the initiative?

    “They are very pleased. The trip to Curitiba to Volvo Group’s factory, by itself, already helped in making them feel involved. Additionally, the training methods promote a transformation in these professionals: when they return, we can notice a clear change of attitude towards accidents and defensive driving.”

    Did you notice any change at the business level?

    “We observed improved results in fuel savings, in scheduling the trips and our accident rate was considerably reduced. Since the company started purchasing trucks from Volvo, we are using the technology in the cabin: the efficiency report for drivers that participated in the TransForm program shows a strong performance evolution.”

    What has been the impact on Silvestrin after the drivers’ participation in the program?

    “After the course, the company started observing and being more alert towards a better professional profile when recruiting, allowing for greater efficiency in the expected results.”

    Text Andrés Lang Valentino  Photo Ricardo Lage Bertschinger

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