“This Volvo FH truck is my friend”


    Model: Volvo FH 2015.

    Engine: 13 litre, 520 Hp.

    Gearbox: I-shift.

    Cab: Globetrotter.

    Cargo: Agricultural products and various complementary goods.

    “Volvo is itself, in its own way. What I feel when driving it? I feel happy!”

    Johannes Wereldsen talks about the things you need to learn about a truck before you know it: all the different sounds, how it behaves with light loads and heavy loads, how to use the retarder when it’s rainy and slippery.

    Going north over the borders to countries like Namibia and Botswana, he confronts all kinds of road conditions. “The road can be a headache and I always pray to God to protect me and my truck before I start the day.”

    He has been lucky so far and thanks the company for the driver training, which he says has made him more observant towards small things that can go wrong. He is evidently a skilled driver, since he won the internal skill competition last year, and was rewarded with a television set. Another reward came last week. A new Volvo FH to drive.

    When asked if he has got to know the truck yet, Johannes laughs and shakes his head. “This new truck is the best I have ever been driving: quiet, comfortable and smooth. Uphill or downhill – no problem! So, when I wake up in the morning I think this truck is my friend.”

    Text & photo Per Sundström

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