“There is nothing more sacred than life”


    Model: FH 520.

    Engine: 520 Hp.

    Gearbox: Automatic.

    Cab: Globetrotter (high).

    Cargo: Beverages.

    It is 3:30 in the morning and businessman and driver Walter Vidal is in northern Argentina, between Salta and La Rioja, covering a route of 700 kilometres. He is tired and feels both the weight of his eyelids and the load of his 28-tonne truck. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard, but Walter does not have time to brake.

    The summer night is recognisable by the chorus of frogs, crickets, wild pigs and goats along the roadside. It is hot and Walter Vidal is driving his Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 Limited Edition FH 520. Wary of thieves, Walter decides to continue on a few kilometres to a safe place to stop, not knowing that his life is about to take a dramatic turn. 

    “Suddenly, I heard a loud noise and I was instantly wide awake. In the middle of the road I saw a cyclist holding a bottle in his hand. I did not have time to stop; all I could do was swerve to avoid the certain death of this person. I did not have the autopilot activated, but the Collision Warning gave me time to react and I was able to avoid the accident”, says Walter Vidal, reliving that night in 2013.

    He believes that the autopilot system helped save both the cyclist’s life and his own. 

    “To think I was about to run over this person makes me shiver. In this single incident, the investment in this truck was paid off. There is nothing more sacred than life and for this reason safety will always be my first priority”, concludes Walter Vidal.

    Text Roxana Ortiz Photo Pablo Martinez

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