“The design meets all my needs”

    Bram Buys is most often found behind the wheel of his Volvo Globetrotter, on the roads around the port city of Antwerp, Belgium.

    The Truck

    Model: Volvo FH.

    Engine: Euro 6, 500hp.

    Transmission: I-Shift.

    Cabin: Globetrotter.

    Cargo: Containers.

    Bram Buys is most often to be found behind the wheel of his Volvo Globetrotter, on the roads around the port city of Antwerp in Belgium. He transports containers to customers for loading or unloading, then drives them back to the harbour.

    “I love the Globetrotter cab. It’s very well planned - the items I use regularly are close-at-hand when I am driving,” he says. “For me especially, the design of truck and cab meets all my needs.”

    Bram has been driving trucks for seven years. His father and uncles were also truck drivers, so he grew up travelling around Belgium and also the Netherlands, France and Germany. He started his own company at the tender age of 21, having just graduated as an accountant. 

    The Volvo Globetrotter is the second truck Bram has owned. He acquired the vehicle last year, having previously owned a Scania, which was 12 years old and a Euro 3 model. “Both Scania and Volvo produce high quality trucks. However, I was very impressed by my local Volvo dealer. They provided an excellent service and were a key reason why I chose a Volvo truck.”

    In 2009 Bram was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by his school. “This was obviously a proud moment for me, and the publicity I received on winning the prize certainly didn’t do my newly formed company any harm!” says Bram.

    Text Alastair Macduff Photo Jürgen Doom

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