“Every wasted kilometre is detrimental to our bottom line”

    In 2011, BLU Logistics agreed to trial Dynafleet as part of the company’s continuous efforts to improve its services. “It quickly proved to be a valuable tool for improving driver performance and cash flow,” says Steve Wastell, Director BLU Logistics Solutions.

    Blu Logistics

    Head office: Gympie, Queensland.

    History: Founded in 1969, originally as Jurss Transport. Merged with Wastell Transport in 2009 and renamed BLU Logistics in 2013.

    Fleet: 42 trucks, 40 of which are Volvo trucks and all equipped with Dynafleet. 

    Assignments: Predominantly milk transportation.

    How would you describe BLU Logistics?

    “We have been transporting milk in Queensland for over 30 years, and in recent years we´ve put a lot of effort into growing the business. We now operate across Australia, mainly transporting milk but also other liquids. We are a progressive, think-outside-of-the-box company that always looks to implement new things and try to improve the business.” 

    What is most important to your customers?

    “They expect quality of service at a good price. Milk transportation is a niche market, but it’s highly competitive. It’s a 24-hour business and it’s important we never miss a pick-up. In 30 years, we have only missed a pick-up on two occasions, and that was due to severe floods.”

    How important is efficient fleet management?

    “It’s the backbone of our business. Every wasted kilometre or hour is detrimental to our bottom line – even an extra five kilometres can have an effect. So it’s important to use the right truck for each assignment.” 

    How do you use Dynafleet?

    “We’ve been getting our drivers to use Dynafleet to evaluate how they drive, and actually running internal competitions based on the Dynafleet scores. We then present awards to the best performing drivers. When we started, average scores were 60–70 out of 100. Now the average is around 80 and some of our best drivers are as high as 95.” 

    What benefits have you seen from using Dynafleet?

    “It has a very positive effect on cash flow. We ask our drivers to just focus on keeping their scores within the green, and the savings flow on from that. Operating within the green limits reduces fuel consumption by 10-12 per cent, and on top of that we save on tyres, brakes and other wear and tear.” 

    Do you use the Dynafleet apps too?

    “Yes, we have iPads at each depot so drivers can check their numbers and see their improvements after each shift. The management team also uses the smartphone app to keep track of where trucks are, especially ones located further away.”

    What do your drivers think of Dynafleet?

    “At first there was some resistance, especially from the older experienced drivers who feel there is nothing left for them to learn. But even they have found that Dynafleet has helped them to become better drivers. And we also get a lot of positive feedback from people who have seen our trucks out on the road and have commented on how smartly and efficiently they’re being driven.” 

    Text Nic Townsend  Photo Bradley Kanaris

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