“My long friendship with Volvo has made me the lucky owner of their 15,000th truck”

    Last October, Volvo Trucks sold its 15,000th truck in Korea. Jin-hyun Yun was the lucky customer

    The Truck

    Model: Volvo FH Tridem.

    Purchase: 2015.

    Engine: 540 hp.

    Gearbox: I-Shift.

    Cargo: Coal and industrial wastes.

    In October 2015, some 18 years after Volvo Trucks first made landfall in Korea, the total number of Volvo trucks sold there finally broke the 15,000 mark.  

    Jin-hyun Yun, the lucky 15,000th customer, is the manager of JH Logis Co., Ltd. The company transports coal and industrial waste in Daegu, a central metropolis in the south eastern region of Korea. It is perhaps no surprise that he holds this honour, having long been known for being a Volvo truck enthusiast who knows the 20-year history of Volvo Trucks in Korea like the back of his hand.

    “I have always been very happy with the outstanding performance and excellent service of Volvo Trucks. I have never had any doubts about the brand when buying new vehicles. I ordered a new Volvo, as I have always done – and got lucky.”

    The company specialises in the transport of materials that are closely associated with environmental hazards. 

    “That is why we must always ensure that the vehicles are properly managed, and that our drivers are properly trained. In that respect, Volvo Trucks, another company known for safety and environmental responsibility, is the only choice for us.”

    Text Mee-ree Yoon Photo Jun-soo Park

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